Name: Village of Robloxia
Type: Medium-Sized Village
Builder's Name: DJHonore22 (Dillon Honore)
Size: 150 Blocks Long by 1-15 Blocks Tall by 120 Blocks Wide
Composition: Stone Block Roads on MegaGrass Base with Brick/Stone Block Buildings with Wooden Plank Roofs
Relative Location: Immediately West of Main Road, South of Ghostly Village

The Village of Robloxia is centered just due west from the Common House and will be used as the Primary role playing village complete with a market, docks, and other buildings of various sizes. This village is also perfectly centered between the Bay of Robloxia and the Robloxia Mountain Range, so any robloxians looking to role play in either of those locations should make a quick stop here first. More features of the Village of Robloxia will be added but this is all for now

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