DJHonore22's Island Hangout was created to give ROBLOX Players (AKA Robloxians) A single place to chat, Roleplay, play with friends, explore, or as the name suggests, hangout with other Robloxians new or experienced, as well as for me (DJHonore22 in-game) to flex my creative muscles a little bit to make something fantastic. The Planning Phase is coming along nicely, this is starting to look more like a world than an island.


Right now the only location in the place is the Common House (a granite walled building with a wooden roof in which players will spawn) and the main road (which essentialy is the middle of the place) about 3-4 Blocks away. Across the street I plan to build a sort of village Made up of a series of about 30 buildings of various sizes surrounded by a stone block wall for players to rp in or just chat with the entrance to the village facing the Common House. Around the Common House, I Plan to build a similar but more spaced out village with buildings all being slightly smaller than the Common House along with many other locations.


Building ProgressEdit

  • The Main Island is now about 5% complete. Its HUGE so its going to take me a while to finish it.
  • The Common House is about 10-12% complete. It is going to be 80 blocks tall so, again, its going to take me a while

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