Name: Common Village
Type: Medium-Large Sized Village
Builder's Name: DJHonore22 (Dillon Honore)
Size: 220 Blocks Long by 1-80 Blocks Tall by 220 Blocks Wide
Composition: Stone Block Roads on MegaGrass base with Stone Block/Granite Buildings with Brick/Wooden Plank Roofs
Relative Location: Across the Main Road from the Village of Robloxia, South of the Robloxia Mountains

The Common Village is the spaced out group of Stone Block/Granite Buildings surrounding the Common House. These Buildings are placed randomly except for a single group of eight buildings,

The Compass 8. The Compass 8 is a group of 8 buildings in the center of the common village all facing the center of the common village. These buildings each have 1-2 letters above their door. The letters tell players which direction they are facing if they are looking at the building from the center (ex: N=North, SW=Southwest.

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