Name: Common House
Type: Large Building
Builder's Name: DJHonore22 (Dillon Honore)
Size: 20 Blocks Long by 80 Blocks Tall by 20 Blocks Wide
Composition: Granite Walls with Wooden Plank Roof
Relative Location: Common Village - Central Western Border

The Common House is the building where players will first spawn in DJHonore22's Island Hangout. Because there are multiple Spawn Points with in each of the 16 floors of the Common House, Players will most of the time never spawn in exactly the same place inside the Common House. This was implemented to prevent boredom due to repetition and give each player a new experience with each time he/she plays. The Common House is easy to distinguish from the surrounding village due to its large height and granite walls (Most of the buildings in the surrounding village (known as the Common Village due to the Common House being within it) are characterized by either stone block or brick walls and Wooden Plank roofs. The 16 floors of the Common House include (but are in no way limited to) The Ground Floor, the Pool Floor, the Panaroma Floor, the Maintenance Floor, and others.

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